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Consumer Reports Magazine has been around for a long time, much longer than the Internet and e-commerce. This magazine was established to provide information on reviews conducted on products and to give their ranking based on reliability, quality, affordability of products and services and respect for warranties by companies. With e-commerce becoming a core part of shopping, numerous sites have been established to offer reviews on products, companies and services. Consumers are also using social media to share their feedback on the quality and customer support that they receive. All this information empowers shoppers and enables them to get the customer support and quality that they deserve. This approach should also be used in the writing industry so that students who need to hire writing services can be able to get the kind of services they deserve.

Why Review Writing Services

When students place orders for writing products, they basically take chances because most companies deliver low quality, plagiarized work written by unskilled persons. It is difficult for them to get quality services with the absence of reviews. Students need to be seen as consumers of an online service who are faced by a daily challenge of finding reputable writing company. It is time that they got an organization that reviews the performance of writing companies and develops consumer reports that can inform their choices.

Reviewing Online Writing Services is a platform established to accommodate customer reviews on writing services by students who have used them. We invite students to submit their reviews on the kind of experiences they’ve had with writing companies so that reputable writing companies that are valued by online customers can become more visible to students coming to this site.

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Our Ranking Criterion

We have put together a criterion that we use to rank writing companies. This criterion features qualities that are most valued by students and includes the reviews they leave online. In our ranking criterion, we look at the quality of work produced, the ability of a writing company to deliver products within the set deadline, the consistency and fairness of its charges and the customer support that the company makes available to its customers.

Using the customer feedback that we receive and our own collation of those reviews, we have created a ranking system that is based on numbers which we avail through this site. We work towards ensuring that students can find reputable writing services by just glancing at the rankings and without spending time looking through numerous sites on the Internet.


On this website we provide additional details to students through videos. Our visitors can view video clips of top ranking writing companies to know how they work before placing any orders. We also provide useful links to several writing companies and other websites that have enriching information for our audience. You can review this information through the links below.